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I have a rather long commute and became bored with the available radio station offerings.  A few months ago I received an iPod Suffle free as a promotional item.  After searching around iTunes for a while, I came across the directory for Parenting podcasts.  One of the first to which I subcribed was The Croncast produced by Kris and Betsy Smith.  These guys are still my favorite.  While my wife watches her TV soaps, I download every MWF for the real life soap opera that is the life of the Smith Family.  And I have to say, their life is more eventful and entertaining than anything the writers of network TV can even imagine.

Other parenting podcasts that help me during my commute are The Manic Mommies, The Mommy Cast, The Daddy Cast, and Kids Wife Work Life.  While I don’t always agree with them, I certainly understand where they are coming from as parents.  I love their guests, and hearing their perspectives on parenting. 

If you have a long commute and want some fresh ideas and “friends” to make the trip with you, check out these great podcasters.


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