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Birthday Time

The twins turned 7 this past weekend.  They opted for a family only party.  DS doesn’t care for lots of noise.  They wanted cupcakes so I found a chocolate gluten free mix which turned out great. I frosted them with a simple grenache.  They were quite good.

They have grown three inches since fall, no wonder they are looking bigger! 

We went to their first IMAX movie in 3D.  It was fun to watch them take the glasses on and off depending on the “scariness” of what was on the screen.  I had to chuckle when DD tried to reach out an touch one of the animals on the screen.

Overall it was a great success and we are now preparing for summer sports activity, soccer and baseball.

It was their birthday, why is that I’m the one feeling older?


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Teaching your Child to Read

The ability to read is basic to all other education.  We parents want to make sure that we are preparing our children for this all important skill. 

A little about how we went about it.  The twins learned the alphabet pretty much on their own using alphabet blocks, educational videos, and just natural inquisitiveness.  We have read to them all along, but never asked them to read back to us or spent any time teaching them words. 

Then they were reaching kindergarten age and we wanted to assess their abilities.  So we started teaching them simple two and three letter words.  They loved this “game” so we looked for a way to incorporate these words into actual reading.  We found a series of books that systematically starts with this concept and builds on it.  They are the BOB BOOKS.  The illustrations are simple and non-distracting, putting the emphasis on the reading.  We started with the Level 1 box and kept going through Level 3 (there are 5 levels), having them repeat each book until they could go all the way through each one without assistance.  By then they were reading not only the BOB BOOKS, but everything they could get their hands on.

We quickly had to move on to more advanced language and vocabulary building lessons and exercises, but the BOB BOOKS were a great foundation.

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Only 7 Weeks ’til Christmas

Christmas, Holidays, Toys, Commercialism, Frenzy, Stressed, Depressed, Food, Tax Deductions, …

How many other descriptors is there for this time of year? 

We are struggling with the question of what are the appropriate gifts this year.  The twins want several toys that can also double for educational uses with their home school studies, so those seem okay, not too much guilt there.  But which ones for Christmas and which ones do we save for birthday which is in February?  Which ones do they actually need?

Purchased gifts…easy.  Homemade gifts…more time needed but more meaningful. 

There’s only 7 weeks left, how much can I get done?  What to do?

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We HAVE to be smarter than them

As if parents don’t have enough to worry about with identity theives…

Parents Getting Burned by What Their Kids Spill Online

Every parent of children old enough to have a Facebook or MySpace page needs to have one as well and needs to be a friend of their child and all their child’s friends so you can monitor their discussions.  Not only do you need to know what they are saying about you, but this is a way to teach them proper web-etiquette. 

Any other tips or ways you have found to monitor your kids online?  What are your favorite browsing filters for each age?

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Depression in first-time fathers

“Up to 10 per cent of first-time fathers suffer postnatal depression but in most cases their symptoms go untreated, a university researcher says.”  according to the an Autrailian study.

Mothers get most of the attention in postpartum care.  But there seems to be a significant number of first-time fathers that also experience “depression, anxiety, stress and psychological distress” as well.

This can have an important impact on the family if gone untreated or addressed is some fashion. 

It’s been over 6 years now, but as I recall there is a “natural” shock factor during the first couple of months.  I think the problem would arise if that feeling doesn’t begin to decrease but rather intensifies during the next 4-6 months.  That would be an indication that some intervention might be in order.  Hopefully the daddy bloggers can be of some assistance.

Did you experience any depression as a first time dad?

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Welcome to Dad Camp

Welcome to Dad Camp. 

This is my first foray into blogging.  My plan is to post news, information, thoughts and ideas about fatherhood that I have learned along the way and welcome your comments and ideas from your experience. 

Please ask questions and send me ideas for topics you would like to have covered.  Once we get going here, I will also be adding a podcast/talkcast via Talkshoe to compliment our discussions.

 Take a look at the About page to learn a little bit about me.

Welcome to Dad Camp!!

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