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Only 7 Weeks ’til Christmas

Christmas, Holidays, Toys, Commercialism, Frenzy, Stressed, Depressed, Food, Tax Deductions, …

How many other descriptors is there for this time of year? 

We are struggling with the question of what are the appropriate gifts this year.  The twins want several toys that can also double for educational uses with their home school studies, so those seem okay, not too much guilt there.  But which ones for Christmas and which ones do we save for birthday which is in February?  Which ones do they actually need?

Purchased gifts…easy.  Homemade gifts…more time needed but more meaningful. 

There’s only 7 weeks left, how much can I get done?  What to do?


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Toy Recalls for Lead Paint

I keep having a gut reaction that there is bit of over reaction to the violations of the lead paint standards leading to the toy recalls.  So to either confirm or contradict this reaction I decided to do a bit of research.

Upon reading the EPAs fact sheet on lead and children’s health, I notice there is a marked absence of any mention of toys as a leading cause of lead poisoning among children.  Rather, the primary environmental means of lead poisoning in children mentioned are paint dust from deteriorating paint in homes and schools older than 1978, paint dust during remodeling of houses and schools of the same age, contaminated soil, and drinking water distributed to houses via lead pipes.  Even under the rare causes, toys are not mentioned.

I found another EPA booklet addressing lead in the home.  This booklet does mention toys, but only if put in the mouth.  The booklet specifically says that lead is not absorbed through the skin.  So is it safe to conclude that an older child that no longer puts toys and fingers in their mouth and practices standard hand washing hygiene should experience no danger from toys painted with lead paint?  Or am I missing something?

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